Next Generation Banking platform

Our next generation banking platform ConnectCore™, is the result of a collective knowledge and over 150 years of cumulative experience within our senior management team in banking, core bank development and implementation projects.  Our team’s expertise and beliefs distill into a strong identity for our product, proving that we truly understand banks, the challenges they face and the solutions they need. We know from many years in the implementation trenches that banks long for a company that listens and understands rather than dictates and imposes.

Engineered with the single objective of simplifying banking solutions. We believe we have achieved our objective through excellent design, a strong future-proof technology framework and sound orchestration. These aspects empower banks to innovate and give a flexibility that ensures any desired solution from module-by-module legacy replacement to full digital channel integration can be achieved with relative ease.

Steered by this philosophy we have untied our ConnectCore suite into the three main areas of Service Delivery, Transaction Processing and Data Management.

The ConnectCore™ suite comprises of the following products  

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