‪Data migration

Application rationalization invariably entails sunset of legacy applications and deployment of a new solution which in turn necessitates porting of the data from the legacy systems to the new system by conforming to the standards of the later. The challenges of data migration arise from the existence of multiple data sources, complexity of data, mapping issues and differing formats.

At IDEALINVENT we leverage the wealth of our experience in Data Migration to devise the right migration factoring in the complexity involved in the migration and the technical architecture of the target system. Since these days banks shows a distinct propensity to adopt web-based application with service oriented architecture, we in IdealInvent are flexible to adopt a business/product line, branch based or a big bang migration approach. With the right tools and accelerators, our consultants make Data Migration error free and ensure minimal impact to business and end customer experience. We provide a comprehensive range of services to move data efficiently between systems. This includes:

  • Develop the complete migration strategy for different business entities
  • Identify the various system dependencies and complexities to develop a sound migration plan
  • End-to-end data mapping between source and target systems
  • Transform data to conform the formats of the target application.
  • Load data to the target system
  • Run data reconciliation between legacy and new systems

The error-free Data Migration minimizes the possibility of operational disruption and associated risk and reputational loss. Error-free data paves the way for effective data management for reporting and compliance purposes.