Consulting Practice

Over the last few years banks and financial institutions continue to operate in an uncertain macroeconomic environment which necessitated greater regulatory oversight into their business operations.  In such an environment it becomes imperative for banks to embark upon business transformations to achieve

  • Greater operational effectiveness ( process simplicity, reduced cycle time and minimal user intervention);
  • Greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention;
  • Increased visibility in, planning for and effective utilization of their financial resources;
  • Total regulatory compliance  

Business transformations, more often than not, necessitates rationalization of the application landscape to reduce the total cost of ownership and achieve greater scalability. Banks and financial institutions are increasingly looking at partners who can effectively manage and deliver each stage of their transformation process.

Our consulting practice, helps banks and financial institutions transition to their target operating model. From enterprise wide technology rationalization to revamping specific components, IDEALINVENT lends credence to your transformation initiative by leveraging our strong experience and expertise in the banking domain.

Partner with us to experience the benefits of our services offered by a team of seasoned consultants who bring with them years of rich industry knowledge, hands-on insights and implementation best practices essential for effective organizational change.

We understand your business

We comprehend your business, the same way you do. Across the world our consultants offer value-added services across entire spectrum of Banking value chain: Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Direct Banking Channels (internet banking & Mobile applications), Payments and CRM. Our approaches and methodologies lend predictability to the outcome of your transformation initiative

Knowledge of the complete technology landscape

We have in-depth understanding of the entire spectrum of banking applications. This includes various direct banking channels, front office applications, business logic and transactions layers, integration layers and message interfaces with external applications, reporting, compliance, Business Intelligence and allied solutions.

Benefit from bundled services 

Any transformation initiative entails upfront capital expenditure and the outcome of the initiative is the biggest imponderable.  Through the umbrella of services, we engage with our clients during the entire life cycle of the transformation. Thus we provide a one-stop shop for your transformational needs which provides scope for better planning and control which substantially reduces costs and the risks of project failure.

Any of our individual consulting service can be cherry-picked based on the need of our clients at different stages of the transformation process. Our robust methodologies and toll-gate based approach helps our clients to meet their business objectives.

Over the years we have developed competencies that have helped us build strong partnerships with all our clients, offering consulting services in the areas of:

  • Business Architecture and Application Integration
  • Core Banking Implementation
  • Data Management and Migration
  • Independent Validation and Verification