25-26 March 2015- Retail banking reboot, A new beginning @ Retail Banktech, Jakarta, Indonesia

Date - 25-26 March 2015

Location - Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

Speaker - Premkumar Bhagwatsaran, CEO, IDEALINVENT

Presentation topic - Core bank reboot, A new beginning - The need for core bank software replacements have been a constant refrain for over 20 years. But many banks held back due to a variety of reasons; cost, waiting for technology maturity or just fear of what lay beyond the signing of the vendor contract! But right now is the time totake the leap, right now is the time for a “Retail banking reboot”. The topic for our presentation at the Retail Banktech covered:

1. Need for a core bank reboot
2. Modern core bank underpinning innovation and business agility
3. 'Safe-passage' to a successful transformation
4. Model Bank launch!

Besides speaking about drivers for a platform transformation and steps to ensure success, we demonstrated to the audience our Model Bank experience platform. Model Bank is a test bank that gives users a completely simulated banking experience on our next generation platform Connectcore. During our presentation we also introduced attendees to our unique core replacement program code named "Safe-passage". This program is designed to compliment our Model Bank offering, with the single objective of reducing the risk of banks' core bank replacement.

Download our presentation from the conference.