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We partner with Prime Factors®, provider of cryptographic data protection platforms, to introduce its Bank Card Security System® (BCSS) as well as its Card Security and Personalization capabilities into the our ConnectCore – Card Management offering.  The combination ensures ConnectCore customers around the world that critical cryptographic payment card issuance functions are completely secure and sufficiently broad to address their needs.

Prime Factors, known for addressing the cryptographic needs of data centers for over thirty years, developed the Visa Pin Control Software that VISA deployed to over 120 VisaNet members worldwide in the 1980s.  Building on that early success, the company developed BCSS specifically to support banks and financial institutions’ magnetic stripe and integrated chip (IC) smart cards.  The latter are required for compliance with the PCI EMV standards, known colloquially as “chip&PIN” in many countries.  BCSS is now used around the world by card issuers and card personalization service bureaux as the cryptographic key management and card personalization parameter management system for the issuance of millions of cards each year. In addition to BCSS, other product lines include EncryptRIGHT®, a general purpose data encryption, tokenization, and cryptographic key management platform, and Psypher Suite® for data encryption for EDI.  The company was founded in 1981 and is based in Eugene, Oregon.


We share a member-level partnership with IBM and collaborate in sharing resources on marketing, selling, training and technical knowledge. We also have strong technology synergies and interact closely with the regional IBM Innovation Center to utilize IBM expertise in porting and deriving solution architectures.

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