At IDEALINVENT, we are conscious that our accomplishments need to be shared with people and with this belief we aim to contribute to the cause of an inclusive society with equal opportunities for all. 

Under the aegis of ‘Ideal Community’, a social initiative of IDEALINVENT, we commit ourselves to converge our actions and thoughts by pledging to give away three T’s - Time, Talent and Treasure 

  • Time – to any selected NGO/charity. Employees spend time with children, senior citizens – to have a mutually rewarding exchange of views and feelings. 
  • Talent - to help. Utilize professional personal skills. As a relationship manager, technical person, administration, HR person, IT person, writing, marketing 
  • Treasure – to support. This could be in many affordable material forms that can be provided. 

Social Activities at IDEALINVENT 

  • Employee Volunteering - “Giving is a way of life” - To encourage giving we empower our employees to serve the community by employee volunteerism.
  • Diversity in Workforce
  • Green Initiative
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